Peace of Mind

We know that many college students think they are "grown-ups," but we all know that when in a pinch, they call mom or dad for help. We at Sir Thomas Automotive Repair Inc are here to help you and your kids. We strive to make you comfortable having to deal with us over the phone and helpful in getting the child’s car fixed and back on the road.

We know that both you and your child are busy. We understand that classes and homework, group meetings make it hard to get things taken care of. Things like these are why we offer free shuttle service to and from your apartment or campus. It is also why we prefer text messaging to get in contact with you. We understand that you cannot always answer the phone, especially if you are in class, but you can quietly send back us a text response. We strive to be perfect in our diagnostics and inspections of any car in our care and to only call a customer with repair needs and cost information only ONCE. We will not call with a price only to call back saying now it cost more. That is not how we do business.

You are going to be here for 4, 5, or in some cases 6 years. You need someone here that you can trust and who truly has your interest at heart. We have been working with college students for over 16 years, treating them like family. Every time a car comes into our service center, we perform a courtesy check for the basic safety issues at NO CHARGE.

Your child can easily get their car to our shop and be shuttled back in time for class.

We employ ASE-certified technicians. I have been awarded the NAPA/ASE Regional Technician of the Year 4 times. We have a commitment to your family’s safety that is unsurpassed. I have been in your shoes, as my daughter and son have been away from school. I understand the value of trust when you are hours away.

I also understand the comfort of finding it. We are here to help. We also have special hours on a college family weekend if you would like to meet us.

Our trained technicians give each car their full attention to make sure things are in the state they need to be to keep your child on the road safely. There are other places that claim to be experts or specialists, but when a problem is not easy, they send it to us. There is almost no car or truck problem we can’t handle. European, Asian or American made - we do them all.

If it happens that your child needs us, we want you to place your confidence in Sir Thomas Automotive Repair Inc We will diagnose the problem, give you an exact estimate, and a timeframe for when we will complete the repair, which 95% of the time will be all on the same day. Most of our repairs carry a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty in our shop.

Since we are a NAPA AutoCare Center, we also have the NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty that will cover the repair anywhere they are 36 months or 36,000 miles, so they'll be covered even when they go home.++