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5 Star Rating
Dennie Pinson from 06/20/2021:
"Please understand in this day in age anybody can click a box, it's impersonal, what takes place, with his company is personal to an ending! I want to acknowledge, the mechanics and the owner for their patients that continued with support of my air conditioning and other problems with my car. Please understand they did not give up until they solved the problem. In closing I find it very entertaining that the History Channel was on television and there was enough snacks coffee and other means of support that made my entire visit so enjoyable. In Review, on a scale of 1 to 5, I wish to give this company a 10, Sir Thomas More took his trade name from ruler who was beheaded this Sir Thomas More that owns the company does not have to worry about that, he has provided things, services and human connection that Go's above and beyond anything ever set!!"
5 Star Rating
Frank Beatrous from 09/29/2021:
"Our van broke down on the second day of a three week trip, leaving us stranded on the side of I77. A Dodge dealer in Terre Haute recommended this shop to us. They took good care of us, completing repairs in one day. Justin even drove us to our hotel and picked us up to collect the repaired van after the shop had closed for the day. Thanks!"
5 Star Rating
Mark Drake from 09/22/2021:
"Best auto shop in Terre Haute. Very fairly priced, Tom is very honest and very educated when it comes to auto repair. The man was an instructor, he taught auto repair to college kids. None better!!!"
5 Star Rating
Trevor Werth from 09/01/2021:
"Hands down best experience I’ve had at an auto shop in a very long time, probably ever honestly. Extremely detailed, kept me up to date every step of the process. Even sent me videos of what they were fixing. The owner himself called me every day my truck was in the shop to review what they found, how it could be fixed, and what it was going to cost. I took my truck here to get a second opinion and ended up a new loyal customer. If you want something done right the first time, for a fair cost, and total transparency, you can’t go wrong with Sir Thomas Automotive. Not only did they do an amazing job fixing my truck, they made me feel like family while they did it. Can’t recommend this shop enough, my wife and I were extremely impressed. And Tom if you’re reading this, you’re the freaking man! Thank you again!"
1 Star Rating
Natalie Griswold from 08/15/2021:
"I went in for an estimate to replace the blower motor in my air conditioner. I am a female but I know a thing or two about vehicles. In order to check the blower motor they had to remove my glove compartment which was 6 screws and then it came out and you could see it perfectly. It took them 48 hours to get an estimate to me. They wanted to charge me around $600-$700 to replace the blower motor and said it would be about 6 hours of work and the part was going to be over $100 as well. Well, I declined their offer to fix it and just said I would let them know if/when we were ready to fix it. They, then, wanted to charge me $45 for the estimate since I didn’t want them to do the work and I said no because they have always have provided free estimates. The son of the owner started being extremely rude to me because I wouldn’t allow them to fix my vehicle and I wouldn’t pay the estimate charge. He was very condescending and talked down to me like I was nothing and like I didn’t know what I was talking about when o said it should not take that long to fix and the part should not be that much. I left the auto shop without my vehicle because they stated they did not have time to “put it back together”. Meaning they didn’t want to take 10-20 minutes to put the six screws back in my glove box to put it back in its place. I returned the next day to get my vehicle and received the same treatment. I went to autozone and ordered the part I needed for $60 and with the help of my uncle and brother we installed the new part in less than 2 hours. It’s a shame because we were loyal customers to them and have spent thousands of dollars there previously and never experienced that sort of treatment or behavior but this definitely caused us to never return and we tell everyone we know to avoid this place like the plague now."